Reasonably Priced Beyonce Tee Shirts

Some artists and bands are really cranking up the price dial on their clothing lines. After the $120 Kanye West white tee kicked up a storm of criticism, it likely set the bar high for what an artist could sell a shirt for. That brings us to Beyonce.  While we're not trying to single out any artist in particular, we notice that her boutique ish online merch store has shirts starting at $35, and going all the way up to $65, for a t shirt? While we realize we peddle a lot of rare and vintage shirts on here that go for hundreds if not thousands of dollars, a recently created shirt, with no special print or fabric, running for $65 is a bit on the high side of things. If you're looking for some reasonable priced Beyonce Shirts, we've rounded up all kinds of finds from around the web for your to peruse. If you're looking for the most recent real deal Beyonce shirts, click the image to the right to visit her online store. Have some thoughts or words on this topic? Band Shirt Archive | The Band and Concert Shirt Search Engine