A real classic from Bob Marley's Final Tour

Shirt Front The "Uprising" tour was the final concert tour for Bob Marley and the Wailers; here is one of the t-shirts sold on that tour. A simple shirt with a powerful graphic on the front. The tour was to promote the latest album by the group also titled "Uprising". This tour started in Europe in May, 1980 and included only a handful of US shows because of Bob Marley's cancer diagnosis. This shirt is a real piece of music history and something you can really only find on ebay. This one is curren [...]

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Sweet Shirt: Great 1978 Grateful Dead Shirt

I like to browse thru ebay lists, looking for cool vintage shirts. Here is a great vintage 1978 Grateful Dead shirt. Great Shakedown Street graphic. This shirt, in black and no back graphic, sold for over $100 in november. The shirt features a great swinging "Shakedown Street" logo on the front of the shirt. The back of this shirt has another great logo. I'd describe it as a crazy guy shoving a ice cream cone on his forhead. This shirt was created in 1978 by Gilbert Shelton. [...]

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