Shirts Of Fury! Shirts from the movie Balls Of Fury!

Shirt A Shirt B Shirt C Sense i started the Band Shirt Archive project I can't help but notice when I see cool shirts in movies and tv shows. Last weekend while I was watching Balls Of Fury and surfing the web I could help but notice Def Leppard shirts. I couldn't help but notice because he wore a total of three different Def Leppard shirts and maybe two other outfits. One of the Def Leppard shirts he wore for about 75% of the movie. So, while I was watching the movie I went o [...]

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A look back... Shirts from STP's Core

I recently came across a couple shirts from Stone Temple Pilot's first album "Core". Right away, something about these shirts struck me. I haven't seen every STP shirt around but the shirts from the Core album have a different. Much more reminiscent of their metal roots. These shirts are a far cry from the STP shirts of today, available on their website for $29.99. These early stone temple pilots shirts have so much more character. Before getting a new shirt I would recommend checking the vintage STP s [...]

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