My Mom Likes Your Coldplay Shirt

While not usually my favorite band, the latest Coldplay album did have me turning up the volume for some of the piano-driven riffs and choruses. It's an album that begs to be played loud, and the concert reviews I've read suggest that Coldplay is attempting to become the U2 of our generation with this new album and tour. Curious, I went looking for some Coldplay t-shirts, and noticed some interesting themes right away. Chris Martin is obviously the highest profile member of the group, but the band [...]

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Widespread Panic Shirt Hunting Recap - Red Rocks 2008

You meet all kinds of Widespread Panic fans in the lot at Red Rocks. You meet happy ones, you meet sad ones (there are a few), you meet newbies and you meet veterans. And they all show their support by wearing their favorite shirt. Believe it or not, there are few repeats.After missing last years three night stand, I've returned from Widespread Panic at Red Rocks, the band and venue that inspired Band Shirt Archive. This time I brought my camera to document the awesome collection of shirts at WSP Red Rocks [...]

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