Bob Seger T-shirts, straight from the 2011 North American Tour

When I think about The United States of America, cheeseburgers, freedom, apple pie, Bob Segar & the Silver Bullet Band come to mind.  The rock veteran is on the road delighting hard-core fans all across North America. The 2011 tour is a huge success as Seger plays to packed houses across the country. Expect to hear a few news songs from Seger and the band, as well as such classics as “Old Time Rock and Roll,” and “Turn the Page.” Those hits never seem to get old!  Bob [...]

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When its not a band shirt, I rock Barack!

When I'm not rocking a band shirt, I rock Barack! I picked up this sweet shirt at the Barack Obama acceptence speech at the DNC. I walked past dozens and dozens of street venders selling every manor of Obama/Biden memorbelia. I was looking for just the right Barack Obama shirt to show my support. Then I laid eyes on this gem. Instantly, my inner Star Wars geek appeared and I had found my first momento for the day and the perfect shirt. Now that the election is over, we should all be thinking "May The Force [...]

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