Aerosmith To Cover Less Than Jake's "Sell Out" On 2010 Summer Tour

2010-04-15 16:15:50 Band Shirt Guy

Aerosmith Colorado Lottery TicketLet me paint a sceen for you in your mind. The year is 1979, the location is someplace in New York City. Its late at night in a dimly lit, smokey basement bar. The who's who of era's music scene are all gathered for a secret rock star meeting. Pete Townsend smashes a guitar on a desk, calling the meeting to order. Tonights discussion, when are we allowed to sell out?

My guess is that they decided on 60. If any of them made it to age 60, they could put their name on anything or sell their music to anybody if the price was right. Kursty the Clown style as we would call it today.

Ok, none of this probably have ever happened. But last night when I saw a commerical for the Aerosmith "Dream On" scratch game from the Colorado State Lottery it made me think; maybe I'm not crazy as my wife says.....

Now, everybody has a right to make a living, we all got to eat. I suppose we can all excuse the occasional Victoria Secret commercial and who wouldn't want their own video game. But there is just something about the lottery ticket thing that rubs me the wrong way.

I have a feeling that product endorsements can be a slippery slope. Once they start giving you buckets of money for not doing anything it's all downhill. Next thing you know you'll be giving your mom the Lady Aerosmith mustache removal system for christmas.

Here are some infamous examples of commercial endorsements. The band names are linked to their shirt archives. Look at that their vintage shirts and remember them from their pre-sell out days. Aerosmith (Buick: "Dream On", Lottery Tickets), Bob Dylan (Pepsi: "Forever Young", Victoria Secret: "Love Sick"), Violent Femmes (Wendys: "Blister In The Sun"), Iggy Pop (Royal Caribbean Cruise Line: "Lust for life"), Devo (Swiffer: "Whip It")