Back To Blogging and No Bob For China?

2010-04-06 15:08:47 Band Shirt Guy

Bob Dylan 1965 shirtGreetings band shirt enthusiasts, after a long hiatus I'm making an effort to start blogging again. I'm determined to bring you the days music news from the band shirt perspective. So stay tuned for the rebirth of Band Shirt Archive, I've got some big plans.

On to the news. Did you hear about those poor folks in China who don't get to see a Bob Dylan concert? That's right, no Bob for china. It's part of an ongoing trend known as "The Bjork Effect", where by international artists with ambitions of playing sold out concerts in China are forced to cancel their shows. All it takes is one musician playing a concert to innocently play a song like "Declare Independence" and then quietly say something about Tibet into the microphone and BAMM everybody is some radical trying to subvert the government.

I don't know where they got the idea that Mr. Dylan is some sort of counter culture icon but I cry foul. Foul for Mr. Dylan and foul for the good people of china. Long story short, Dylan has canceled the rest of his Asian tour. No Bob for South Korea, Taiwan or Hong Kong either. It looks like American fans will have to wait as well. As of now, there are no US dates scheduled for this summer, take a look at his tour schedule.

In the mean time, if you just have to get some new Bob Dylan merchandise the shirt above is for sale on his website. As always, we are tracking a nice selection of new and vintage Bob Dylan shirts available on eBay.