$4,800 Green Day Kerplunk Shirt

2013-10-17 20:43:00 Band Shirt Guy

Green Day was honestly one of the first punk bands I was ever into, way back around age 14. There was some snowboarding video we kept watching and it had the first version of 'Welcome to Paradise' on it, the one from the album "Kerplunk". Shortly thereafter a friend of mine ended up finding that album somewhere, being fourteen in small town Iowa in 1992, finding an album like this wasn't easy. However once we hat it in hand, we found "1039" and shortly thereafter came "Dookie". I still have a soft spot for Green Day, but I can't believe I listened to that CD over, and over, and over, and over, what seemed like dozens of times in the same day. 

We regularly come across a variety of strange and unique shirts for sale, today we found this one. We're unsure of it's legitimacy, and we made need some Green Day 'super fan' help to determine it's authenticity.The print on the shirt seems to be in oddly good condition for it's ripe age of 20ish. The shirt design also seems a bit elaborate for something Green Day might produce at that time. Front and back screen print, in at least three or four colors. I suspect it might have been a fairly expensive shirt to produce considering they were still a relatively unknown act. I've reached out to the seller(who appear to be in the US) to see if they could provide additional information as they pretty much provided zero details, other than...

"This is a very rare Green Day Kerplunk Era T-Shirt. I have never seen another example of this specific shirt."

I'll also follow up there if and when I hear back from the seller. In the meantime, be sure to of course check out all the additional Green Day shirts we've found for sale from all over the world.