Rush Shirts Of The Early 80s & Red Rocks 2010

2010-09-01 16:20:20 Band Shirt Guy

 Rush 2010 Red Rocks Lot Shirt A couple weeks ago Rush played a pair of sold out shows at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison CO. I checked the ticket reseller sites and craigslist and those where hot ticket; going for well above face value. It shouldn't have surprise me really. Earlier this year Rush announced they were releasing a new album next year and they haven't played a tour in nearly two years.

I took those sold out performances as a sign that I should look for some vintage Rush shirts and share them with the world.

First, we have a nice Rush lot shirt for the song Tom Sawyer from the August 16 & 18 shows that inspired this post. The artist who did this shirt has done an number of others this summer.

Here are a few Rush shirts from 1980-1982

1980 Rush World Tour Shirt1980 Rush "Permanent Waves" World Tour Shirt. 4 pictures total including shirt back and tag.

1981 Rush Exit... Stage Left Shirt1981 Rush "Exit... Stage Left" Jersey Style Shirt. 4 pictures total including shirt back and tag.

1982-1983 Rush World Tour Shirt1982-1983 Rush New World Tour Shirt. Pictures here is the back of the shirt. 5 pictures total including shirt front and tag. Personally, I find the plans for a mall subdivision to be a strange graphic for the back of a shirt. For the record, I Googled "Lepxtwood Mall" and didn't get any results