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The Band Shirt Archive Mission

Ever since my first Phish show at Apline Valley in 1999 I've always hunted the parking lots for fan lot shirts. I could have collected posters or just had a good time but I always had one eye out an enterprising fan shirt seller.

After years on the tour scene I got the idea for the Band Shirt Archive when I was leaving a Widespread Panic Red Rocks show in 2008. As I was walking down the stairs exiting the venue, heading for the ramp to the upper lot I overlooked a sea of people and realized that everybody was wearing a different shirt. Each of those people likely choose one of their favorites to wear that night. That's when the thought hit me, wouldn't it be cool if there was an archive of every band shirt ever made? To many of the people, those t-shirts represented memories of get summer nights and great shows; I wanted to help preserve those memories. Being a web developer, BSA became my pet project.

Band Shirt has gone though many iterations over the years but I'm especially proud of this last incarnation. I'm hoping to finally start to realize my goal of preserving great band t-shirt art and of course the memories. Over time I hope to continue funding more public music education grants though and accomplish my second goal of reaching 1,000,000 music students. Without music in our schools, where is the next generation of great band shirt art going to come from?

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We are always looking for great concert shirt collections for today's hot artists, we well as interesting band merchanise auctions. Below are some of the recent shirt collections that we've put together.