About The Band Shirt Archive

What is Band Shirt Archive?

We are the world’s most comprehensive archive and shopping comparison resource dedicated to solely band, concert, tour and music festival shirts. We currently have over 2,000 user submitted shirts in our archive and a catalog of more than 100,000 shirts for sale from 900+ bands and artists around the world.

What Have We Accomplished?

We turn autographed merchandise into music education support through charity organizations like DonorsChoose.org. So far this year we've had support from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Slightly Stoopid & The Pine Box Boys. They kindly donated autographed shirts so we could auction them and donated the proceeds to underfunded K-12 music classrooms on DonorsChoose.org. In a year’s time we’ve gone from a couple hundred visitors per day to thousands of visitors per day. Over 25% of our visitors are from outside North America, which is just mind boggling (and exciting!) for us right now.

Who Is Band Shirt Archive?

We’re two guys trying to make the world a better place through supporting music education charities. We met happenchance through a company we worked for years ago, but stayed in touch hoping to one day use our skills and passion to build our own project. One that could support an awesome cause and help pay the rent too.

Band Shirt Archive was more or less on autopilot for the first few years, as we were occupied wit our regular 9 to 5 gigs. One day in summer of 2012 we made a commitment to put more time and energy behind the site. You can learn more about both of us in the "who we are" section of the site.

Through various autographed charity auctions, as well as shirts purchased via our merchant partners, we aim to one day raise $1,000,000 for music education charities. We know we’re dreaming big here, but anything less than shooting the moon just isn't our style these days.

How Can You Help?

Are you on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit? Are you in a blogger? Are you in a band? Help share our story so we can someday reach our goal of a $1,000,000. We are on a quest to gather autographed shirts from bands and artists so we can turn them into funding for music programs across the country!

Where Are We Now?

In early October of 2013 we hit our most recent milestone, 700 legit Facebook fans, double what we had in the beginning of 2013. We also recently launched our first forum, which we hope could one day be the largest band shirt community on the planet. We need the help of our fans and music enthusiasts around the world lift us to the next level!

Thanks For Your Support!

Nate Meyer nate@bandshirtarchive.com