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Archived Shirts 2010-2022

The recent years saw several breakthroughs, most notably those of Imagine Dragons and Avenged Sevenfold, and a new chapter of an old story, chapter five to be precise. Namely, Slipknot has returned after a 6-year pause in production prompted by the death of a member, Paul Gray. The new chapter, new album was therefore aptly named .5: The Gray Chapter.

Archived Shirts 2005-2009

Here's two words for you: My Chemical Romance! Oh, wait, let's try again: Black Parade! It was incredibly difficult for the album to overshadow the success of its predecessors, but still Black Parade pulled it off. Pulled it off spectacularly, and pulled it off for good, since the band doesn't exist anymore. But hopefully we'll enjoy the vibe of Bullets For My Valentine, a band that debuted in 2005, for some time in the future.

Archived Shirts 2000-2004

Though the band had been formed much earlier, it was only in the first decade of the third millennium that Papa Roach reached wide-spread success, and with none other than their debut album. Something similar happened to Linkin Park with its Hybrid Theory. The pinnacle of popularity for the by then solidified rap rock was Crazy Town's "Butterfly". Evanescence was also brought to life during these unstable years.

Archived Shirts 1995-1999

Following Kurt Cobain's unforeseen death, Nirvana was naturally no more. But that wasn' the end for its drummer Dave Grohl; he moved on and created Foo Fighters, a band that went further on to contend with The Offspring and Green Day for supremacy in the never-resting Rock arena. Also, one major reunion took place before the new millennium kicked in. Namely, Bruce Dickinson finally, finally got back with Iron Maiden! It was a great 5 years in music.

Archived Shirts 1990-1994

In the year 1991, Metallica's self titled fifth album made this band the "Hero of The Day". We've collected some great vintage t-shirts in the Metallica archive. These years also saw the rise and fall of Nirvana, Megadeth's success, and the launch Pearl Jam starting out. Make sure to check out the Pearl Jam archive, they really have put out an amazing number of shirts in 20 years. Busy years indeed. The concert, with Metallica, Pantera, AC/DC participating, venued in Moscow with 1,6 million people attending. There was yet another great concert, this time in London. That one was made in homage to Queen lead vocalist Freddie Mercury. I guess that the "Show Must Go On".

Archived Shirts 1985-1989

The Bad Boys of Boston were nowhere to be found in the early 80s Aerosmith the band simplylost its popularity. But then the Permanent Vacation happened, marking possibly the biggest comeback ever in Rock. We have a good collection of shirts going back to the 70s in the Aerosmith archive. The same year Aerosmith was reborn, Guns 'N Roses issued their debut album, "Appetite for Destruction" the most successful debut album in the States, ever! We have some great shirts in the Guns N Roses archive.

Archived Shirts 1980-1984

Need anything in this time period be mentioned besides Iron Maiden. They have some of the valable band shirt of all, it feels like I see a new Eddie shirt every day, make sure you Iron Maiden shirt page to see what's new in the archvie. Chek ?! That would perhaps be the case had there not been for The Chili Peppers who were just starting out in those years; or had there indeed not been for the very Godfather of Heavy Metal Ozzy Osborne. I think Ozzy had some of the best shirts of the 80s, make sure you check out the Black Sabbath archive.

Archived Shirts 1970-1979

Does the name Ziggy Stardust mean anything to you? If it doesnt then you sure weren't around and participated in Bowie-mania of the 70s, we've been working on the David Bowie archive since his untimely death. The name was on everyone's lips back then, when they weren't singing John Lennon's "Imagine", that is; or taking the "Stairway to Heaven", for that matter. The decade also saw the rise of all-time greats such as the electrifying AC/DC or the haunting Queen. The latter's hit humbly dubbed Bohemian Rhapsody, besides so wittingly mixing many styles, did much to advance the subtle art of music video. We are out to preserve the memoribila of this pivital era in music. Band Shirt Archive | The Band and Concert Shirt Search Engine